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In today’s issue:

  • 🧘🏻‍♀️ Mindfulness by Mima: On retrospection

  • 🍃 Our Path: A Recap

  • 🌱 Our Next Journey: Join the APM Map team (!!) — details inside

Hey friends - hope you have been taking lots of care ❤️

This is our second to last issue of APM Map :’)

With this in mind, today’s theme is on retrospection, so we can look back on this amazing APM Map adventure that we’ve been on together. Along the way, I want to invite you to reflect on the following questions, in the context of recruiting season or in the grand scheme of life:

  • How have I built resilience in the face of rejection?

  • How have I cared for myself and my communities?

  • Who am I today? How have I brought myself closer to the person I want to be?

  • What am I grateful for? What aspect of my growth am I the most proud of?

  • How did I find clarity in ambiguity and overcome new challenges?

  • How can I empower myself and others to enact systemic change?

With these questions in mind, I invite you to ground yourself in retrospection, in order to reach for your next goals, dreams, or journeys. Take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come after finding your path, embarking on this adventure, and opening up a world of possibilities for yourself. In the meantime, I invite you to join me & Jeff on our next journeys 🌱

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Jeff is the ⭐️ behind the APM Map website, and I am so lucky to call him my APM Map co-creator. In addition to being a stellar software engineer, Jeff is writing Second Gen on the side, where he shares his thoughts on wealth & navigating life as a first-gen college graduate, drawing from his experiences as a first-gen student, Questbridge alum, former Code2040 Fellow, and more. Check out his latest issue on figuring out what we value, and if you want to join Jeff on his next journey, subscribe below👇

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If you’ve been reading the APM Map newsletter for a while, you’ll know that I care a lot about building products for social good. In many ways, I see this as the next step of being a PM: how do we apply our skills to design and build community-driven products that solve pressing, societal problems? I plan on exploring this question more with Tech Care, where I’ll share more thoughts on the intersection of tech + self care / community care / structural care, and share insight from others working in this space. I would love for you to join me on this journey here👇

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🍃 Our Path: A Recap

  1. In our first ever APM Map issue, Jeff & I shared APM Map for the first time with our waitlist with over 1600+ people. This was one of the most nerve-wracking & exciting things we’ve ever experienced, and we are still so grateful.

  2. In Issue #2, we chatted about building your Road(map) to APM Recruiting 🚗 , why PM, & building products for social good (inspired by great products like 2020 Up to Us)

  3. In Issue #3, we talked about finding yourself, and then your dream job along the way. We also talked about what it meant to be resilient in the face of rejection - a must in any recruiting cycle.

  4. In Issue #4, we got real about fake friends & real interviews … by making real friends via PM Communities & tackling fake aka mock interviews together.

  5. In Issue #5, we used the power of journaling & introspection to ace our Behavioral Interviews, paired with vibes from UMI’s Introspection.

  6. In Issue #6, we launched our first ever APM Map x Product Design for Social Good challenge (!!). Along the way, we used gratitude & growth as frameworks for our Product Design interviews.

  7. In Issue #7, we found clarity in ambiguity in our Analytical interviews and in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Brb, still recovering from election day / week / year.

  8. In Issue #8, we tackled the infamous technical interview, and learned how we can use System Design principles to drive systemic change.

And today, in Issue #9, we take a look back at this incredible APM Map adventure we’ve been on together — reflecting on our path to where we are today, and what our next journey may be. However, our APM Map adventure isn’t over yet — we have plans to share more insight about the post-offer phase, Jeff & my reflections on being co-creators by night / SWE + PM by day, etc. Stay tuned ☺️

🌏 APM Map Community Partners: Mini-recap

Over the last couple of months, APM Map has been lucky enough to build community partnerships with the below organizations, and they have been kind enough to offer free events & discounts for our community. As part of our recap, I wanted to include links + discounts once again, for anyone in that final stretch!

  1. Exponent - get the inside scoop on tech interviews via their Product Management course! With this link, you can get 20% off Exponent PM courses 🎉

  2. Boost - land your dream product role with the Boost 4-week product bootcamp. If you want to attend one of Boost’s free info sessions & get an exclusive discount, DM APM Map on Twitter and we’ll set you up! 🙌

  3. RocketBlocks - Product Management interview prep built by experts from Google, Amazon, Facebook, & Microsoft. With promo code apmmap25, you can get 25% off of the monthly plan 💪

  4. Daily Product Prep - Land a product job alongside 10,000+ aspiring Product Managers. With promo code apmmap20, you can get a 20% discount on their premium plan.

🌱 Our Next Journey

TL;DR: We want YOU on our website, because we think you’re incredible, and you have the power to help so many aspiring PMs in the future. If you’re interested, see more details below!

Although our APM Map adventure is coming to a close, our next journey together is right around the corner: join the APM Map team ❤️ You can be a part of our team as:

🌏 A supporter - share kind words to cheer on other aspiring PMs in the future, which we will feature on the APM Map Wall of Love (feature coming soon).

🌏 A mentor - whether you JUST landed your first PM offer ( 🎉 CONGRATS to you 🎉 ) or if you’re an industry veteran, share your path and your next journey with thousands of aspiring PMs in the APM Map Community, and join our amazing team of mentors.

Interested? Fill out this form — and as a bonus, we’ll select 🍀 🍀 10 lucky winners 🍀 🍀 to get a 1-year subscription to Lenny’s newsletter, one of the best PM newsletters out there.

Here’s to finding your own path ✨

Jeff & Michelle @ APM Map

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Hey! We’re Jeff & Michelle — the creators behind APM Map, and we’re rooting for you this recruiting season. If you want to check out our other side projects, Jeff writes about navigating life as a first-gen college graduate @ Second Gen & Michelle writes about the intersection of tech + self care / community care / structural care @ Tech Care. Thanks for joining us on our journey :’)